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Georgia EmpowerMEnt is a youth-led advocacy movement with strong adult support that is motivated by changing the foster care system.

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Georgia EmpowerMEnt serves young people ages 14 and up who are facing transition from foster care as well as emerging adults ages 21-26 who are transitioning beyond foster care. Georgia EmpowerMEnt embraces continued adult support from alumni of care with no age limit. Georgia EmpowerMEnt is inclusive of young adults who have navigated any type of experience in foster care, regardless of their current status in or out of care.


”Tribes” is the organizational structure Georgia EmpowerMEnt members and leaders chose when beginning the steps to expand presence statewide.  The spirit behind this term is one of family, sharing a common bond through the experience of foster care, taking care of our “own”, building for and with each other -  a ‘forever peer community’.

A Tribe is made up of Youth Leaders and Adult Supporters who decide to come together to identify local needs impacting youth who are transitioning from care, train together, and ultimately act as a team (with the partnership of the local community) to address those particular needs.

Some of us as Georgia EmpowerMEnt’s central staff serve as facilitators and technical assistance providers who are available to support both Youth Leaders and Adult Supporters in developing a Georgia EmpowerMEnt Tribe in their local area as a youth-adult partnership based, locally-driven effort.


Georgia EmpowerMEnt is under contract with the Georgia Supreme Court Committee on Justice for Children to help advance youth voice and choice in court, legal planning for their permanency, and educating child welfare professionals and youth themselves on rights and resources from a youth perspective. Please download these documents for more information:


The transition to adulthood presents opportunities and challenges for every young person, and Youth Support is a program like no other for youth under the age of 21 – as an idea created by young adults facing the transition process to benefit other young adults facing transition, and served by young adults who have transitioned from various systems. We invite you to learn more about Youth Support by clicking here.  


Georgia EmpowerMEnt facilitates training and a learning process by which youth leaders and Adult Supporters are equipped with training and support needed to address needs and resources identified by youth who are transitioning from foster care. Please click here to learn more about the type of training and speaking engagements Georgia EmpowerMEnt conducts.

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