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Georgia EmpowerMEnt is a youth-led advocacy movement with strong adult support that is motivated by changing the foster care system.

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The origins of Georgia EmpowerMEnt and the Georgia Youth Opportunities Initiative began in 2002, when a national foundation, the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative, invited leaders in Georgia to partner in a metro Atlanta-focused effort to test a theory of change that would result in better outcomes for foster youth. This effort became known as the Metro-Atlanta Youth Opportunities Initiative (MAYOI).

MAYOI was guided by a dedicated group of us who were facing transition from care, alongside strong adult supporters and community partners who came forward with the expertise we needed to help us identify and address a variety of needs including Education,

Employment, Housing, Permanency, Physical and Mental Health, and Community Connections.  We were able to learn a lot about the possibility of what youth and adults can achieve together working as partners!

Between 2006 and 2007 MAYOI released a request-for-vision proposal to identify a community partner with shared values and philosophy of youth-adult partnership to help grow the work beyond metro Atlanta. The spirit behind this step, having learned what worked with MAYOI, was that this type of model could be grown within communities all over Georgia in unique ways.  Our brothers and sisters from Athens to Toccoa, from Albany to Savannah, with the help of adult champions and local community partners, could be part of helping us establish a local presence of the Georgia Youth Opportunities Initiative (including an opportunity for youth to guide the work through their own locally-created and driven EmpowerMEnt effort).  The Multi-Agency Alliance for Children (MAAC) was chosen by MAYOI- - and Georgia EmpowerMEnt was born!

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The History of Georgia EmpowerMEnt

EmpowerMEnt has been evolving since 2002…