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Georgia EmpowerMEnt is a youth-led advocacy movement with strong adult support that is motivated by changing the foster care system.

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Georgia EmpowerMEnt Training Opportunities and Speaking Engagements

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Georgia EmpowerMEnt facilitates training (using methods responsive to different learning styles) to meet a variety of needs and goals of the community, across a wide array of audiences, some of which include:

•  Hands-on training through which Youth Leaders and Adult Supporters are equipped to work together to address needs and resources identified by youth who are transitioning from foster care either in a particular community, or statewide.  Using a Consensus Organizing Method, strengths and assets of the community/state as well as key stakeholders are identified and engaged as part of the process to address needs and resources identified by youth.

• Authentic Youth Engagement

• Facilitating Youth Perspective across a variety of contexts and issues

• Strategic Sharing – communicating your story (as a self-advocate with lived experience in foster care) in a way that is most supportive to you and your advocacy goals/audience

• Resiliency

• Emerging/Exciting research findings as part of a national learning network (for example, Adolescent Brain Development)

• A variety of policy/practice-related issues including but not limited to (Education, Permanence, Housing, Physical & Mental Health, Social Capital, Financial Capability, Employment)

Georgia EmpowerMEnt pulls from a variety of best practices nationally (and within Georgia) in accomplishing its work.  One of the most important aspects that Georgia EmpowerMEnt offers is an opportunity for young people (with the support of key adults) to gain experience and practice their leadership development in a hands-on, highly experiential way.  Emerging research (citation?) elevates and celebrates the period of adolescence and emerging adulthood as an opportunity to “rewire” the brain through opportunities for young people to “roll up their sleeves” alongside supportive adults/community champions and be part of driving directly decision-making, test driving/turning their ideas into action, offering training to their peers and communities, engaging civically, and self-advocating.  Also aligned with this research, Georgia EmpowerMEnt embraces a learning culture that remains flexible to support young leaders in healthy risk taking to include not only strides and accomplishments, but also the rich learning that can take place “when at first you don’t succeed, try, try again…”  

We do not aim to “protect” or “rescue” young leaders from their own learning and personal growth process, but instead, to nurture the whole process of leadership development as a well-rounded, empowering exercise. Georgia EmpowerMEnt embraces intentionally a culture that elevates and celebrates seasoned, accomplished young leaders right alongside their peers who may be just beginning their leadership journey, for the positive influence that offers.  As a kaleidoscope, it is not uncommon for the work of Georgia EmpowerMEnt to reflect these many elements of diversity, take dynamic shapes and forms, given these learning values and goals we share.  Especially, for the Promise and Power it reflects as a Prism of youth-adult partnership in driving sustainable solutions!

Would you like Georgia EmpowerMEnt to speak at an upcoming event? If so, please contact us at 404.880-9323 for more details and complete this speaking request form. We look forward to partnering with you!

Would you like Georgia EmpowerMEnt speak at an upcoming event? If so, please contact us at 404.880-9323 for more details and complete this speaking request form. We look forward to partnering with you!